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A little helper module for translating text.

Adds a menu in the Django CMS Toolbar that links to the admin of the translations module django-rosetta by Marco Bonetti.

Code hosted on github.


  • Django>=1.7
  • django-cms>=3.1
  • django-rosetta>=0.7

It might also work with elder versions, but I havn't tested this (yet).


This module requires a working django-cms installation.

It will work after you perform these four steps:

  1. Install with pip:
    pip install djangocms-rosetta
  2. Add djancocms_rosetta and rosetta to your INSTALLED_APPS.
  3. Include the required urls in your urlconf:
    url(r'^rosetta/', include('rosetta.urls'))
  4. Create translation files for all languages used in your project:
    python makemessages -l en

Configuration and more info

The django-rosetta docs provide some more information about possible configurations and what rosetta does.


This module is tiny and new and published hoping it might be useful for anyone.

If it doesn't work as you expect, please create an issue on github.


Philipp Zedler