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Cogito is an identity management app. This is a rewrite of the iOS only app. It is meant to replace the iOS app in the future, but is not ready yet.

⚠️ For now, please use the iOS only app from the cogito-ios-app directory! ⚠️


You'll need a working NodeJS environment in addition to iOS and Android development environments.

For NodeJS, you'll need to install the latest NodeJS version and Yarn, for instance via Homebrew:

brew install node
brew install yarn

We use TDD and Clean Code principles in our project. To run the tests:

yarn test

Or: yarn test --watch for running the tests continuously.

To run the Cogito Mobile app in the iOS simulator or Android emulator you need to install the following tools.


Install the latest Xcode from the app store. Start it once and accept the terms and conditions.

Start the iOS app in the simulator using:

yarn ios

It should start a terminal window with Metro and the iOS simulator that looks like this.

Metro iOS Simulator


In order to run Cogito Mobile on Android you need to install the following tools.

Java 8

It's easiest to install Java 8 using Homebrew with the following commands:

brew tap caskroom/versions
brew cask install java8

If you have multiple versions of Java make sure you point to the Java 8 version when using the Android tools.

Android Studio

Install and run the latest version of Android Studio.

Install the Android SDK version 9.0, API 28 in the SDK Manager.

When needed accept the terms and conditions.

Ensure that the following directories are in your PATH:


AVD Manager

Using the AVD Manager, install an emulator on which to run the Android app, e.g. the Nexus 6.


To start the Android app in the emulator, you first need to ensure that the emulator is running. You can either start it from the AVD manager, or use the command line:

emulator -list-avds
emulator -avd <NAME OF AVD>

Unlike iOS, the emulator doesn't start automagically.

Now we can run the Android app:

yarn android

This should start a terminal window with Metro and the Android emulator that looks like this.

Metro Android Simulator

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