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How it works

I think it's finally time to explain how this works now that nobody cares about it anymore. First of all, lets enumerate the grievances of tyranny under the reign of King Google the Google'th.

No, this is Patrick

So if I had this handwritten, you might have thought that the maximum number of people per circle is 300, since my handwriting really sucks (but you didn't know that). But it's actually 500 (or so they say), but here it only goes up to 432 or something because my theory is that some people have duplicates on that list. And of course my childhood was built on spongebob and richard dawkins books, so its obligatory that I make this reference.

How it sucks

Under the tyrannical rule of King Google the Googleth, shared circles sort of suck. In essence, the implementation seems pretty crappy. Essentially a shared circle is actually just a post with lots of mentions and a client side button which makes it easy to add a bunch of people at the same time while retaining that look of an ancient dial telephone.

That is, when I update my circle, I have to post it again because obviously, like the EFF-ightenment thinkers John TrueCrypt Lock, before Albert Einstein's spooky action at a distance (quantum entanglement), you had to kill lots of people in order to update a freaking circle. I don't think it's quite bad, but I don't know, I've never actually added a shared circle.


The last section was actually titled this, but then I went on a tangent and decided to change the title to something more suitable. Here Ig'll talk about the real reason it exists. I am not OCD (or at least I like to pretend I'm not, though I might be ADD, and not the x86 assembly instruction), and I won't trawling through hundreds of usernames in order to compile something manually (which is something that social networks tend to rely on - nontechnically inclined slave laborers who organize the social universe). Sure most communities have some person manically obsessive (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) about keeping cohesion (Abraham Lincoln!). But then there's the idealist engineer type dude (cue giant sign pointing to me with blinding spotlights-- LASER SPOTLIGHTS), who is lazy and spends just as much time as the slave laborer pretending he's being productive by saving time that he doesn't actually save.

So yeah, slave labor is cheaper than robot labor according to King Google the Googleth, and Queen Facebook the enlightened despotify. But whatever.

Actual stuff

Easy: pull a list JSON formattted from some web service of Google+ user IDs Iterate through each one and prefix it with "g:" (it's the king's pet seal) Stick it in a JSON template POST it with lots of cookies