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Linux Plumbers Conf 2011 Archive

Static archive of the 2011 site on

Archive Creation Notes

wget --exclude-directories=2008,2009,2010 -r -l20 -t1 -nc -N -k -p  --no-host-directories -R "feed" -D 2> wget.log
find . -type f -exec "" sed -i 's/2011.1/2011\//g' {} \;

The files without extensions in their filenames might get served up as plain text. These .htaccess files help override the file types:

./2011/.htaccess ./2011/ocw/sessions/.htaccess ./2011/ocw/events/LPC2011MC/.htaccess ./2011/ocw/events/LPC2011BOFS/.htaccess ./2011/ocw/events/LPC2011/.htaccess ./2011/ocw/proposals/.htaccess ./2011/ocw/users/.htaccess