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Chef Curry

  • Kitchen/Cooking
  • Shared Expenses
  • Money Management
  • Chores
  • Space Usage (is something being used)
  • Analytics on Home
  • Inventory Search

Smart Home Application that lets you add food to your "kitchen" and then provides you with recipes when you ask Alexa through an Amazon Echo.

Made in less than 36 hours for BoilerMake IV at Purdue University in January 2017. Created by Chris Chen, Philip Lan, and Isaac Lee.

How To Interact With Echo: CheckRecipe {Affirmation}

GetIngredients {Ingredients}

GetIngredients {Ingredients} and {Ingredients}

GetIngredients what can I make with {Ingredients}

GetIngredients what can I cook wtih {Ingredients}

GetIngredients get a recipe with {Ingredients}

RegisterKitchen my kitchen is {Adjective} and {FoodKey} and {Number}

HelpAddKitchen add kitchen

HelpAddKitchen how to add kitchen

HelpAddKitchen help add kitchen

HelpAddKitchen help me add a kitchen

HelpAddKitchen add a kitchen

AddItem add {Quantity} of {Item} for {Owner}

RemoveItem remove {Quantity} of {Item} for {Owner}

GetListOfItems What's in my kitchen

GetListOfItems What do I have

GetListOfItems What food's in my kitchen

GetListOfItems What food do I have

GetListOfItems What ingredients so I have