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A woefully incomplete attempt to explore and/or explain the Vulkan API step by step.

The aim is to be careful(/pedantic) about correctness, so the code should work robustly on all conformant GPU drivers.

Currently that aim is probably not achieved. I'm certainly not an expert and I'm learning as I go along, so I might do things completely wrong. Suggestions for corrections are welcome.


Each directory has some code and documentation. The vague plan is that each step will use and explain some new feature in a very explicit way, and then the next step will try to abstract away the details from the previous step and move on to some other new feature.

  • 01-step: Creating a device.
  • 02-???: TODO.


mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64"

Currently only tested in VS2015, though it'd probably be worth supporting VS2013 too. Intended to work on Linux, but not tested there yet.


All code and documentation can be used under the MIT License.