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<section class="Section" data-section="custom-elements">
<h2 class="Heading">
<span id="custom-elements" data-section-anchor></span>
Custom elements
<responsive-container data-demo-root>
{% include 'components/Calendar.html' %}
{% include '_pin-action.html' %}
<h3>The code</h3>
<p>This demo shows the responsive <a href="#calendar">Calendar</a> component inside the <a href="">custom element</a> <code>&lt;responsive-container&gt;</code> rather than <code>&lt;div data-observe-resizes&gt;</code> as in the other examples. Custom elements are a perfect fit for responsive components if you're able to use them.</p>
{% highlight 'html' %}
<!-- Container element -->
<!-- Component element -->
<div class="Calendar">...</div>
{% endhighlight %}
<li><a href="{{ repoUrl }}/blob/master/app/styles/demos/Calendar.css">
Full calendar CSS source</a></li>
<li><a href="{{ repoUrl }}/blob/master/app/templates/components/calendar.html">
Full calendar HTML source</a></li>
<li><a href="{{ repoUrl }}/blob/master/app/templates/demos/custom-elements.html">
Full demo HTML source</a></li>