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This directory contains a Nukefile for building the iPhone version of Nu .

The Nukefile builds Nu as a static library (libNu.a) that can be linked
into an iPhone application.  When linking this library into your application,
be sure that the -ObjC link flag is specified; otherwise, most of the classes 
in libNu.a will not be linked into your application.

Also, this Nukefile builds a "nush" (or strictly, a mininush) that you can
install and run on a jailbroken iPhone. Find it at build/armv6/nush.

Your application should #include "Nu/Nu.h", which is copied into the include
directory as part of the build process.  You may also need to link your 
application with libedit (-ledit).

Note that libffi is included in the iPhoneSimulator sdk.