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IronHack JS Trivia Game Project
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Drag Quiz

The best and most beautiful test of Drag knowledge, because when it comes to Drag, the look matters.


When I was tasked to create a game for IronHack, the first thing that popped into my mind was trivia. I personally love trivia because I love learning random facts. But usually trivia games are very ugly and about boring things. So I decided to create a trivia game about the least boring thing I know.....Drag Queens. Take a look at my presentation here


  • Play the game live here


Luckily for me trivia games are not as complex as other games because the base logic is pretty easy to comprehend. So because I wanted the game to be nicely designed, modern and responsive, I started with design first.

  • I used Adobe Xd to create a the layout of all the cards. Check them out here
  • I then used Adobe Xd's prototype feature to link all the cards together to mirror the game's real flow.
  • After that I then had to create the consistent background and basic card style layout that would be used throughout all of the game.
  • After that was done, I went and created all of the different card layouts for each situation in HTML and CSS (using Sass).
  • Then I took a break from the design to just create a simple quiz with a few questions to make sure I had a solid simple logic I could expand upon.
  • Once the quiz logic was working I went back to the created cards and used jQuery to decide when each card should be shown, to mimick the gameflow I had already protoyped.
  • After doing that, I realized a huge flaw in my design. There was no way to go back to the previous card unless you refreshed the site and started from the beginning. That is when I created a minimalist toggle button menu on the button to give the user the ability to jump to sections of the game.
  • Now that the card flow was working and I had all the designs, the fun part came of linking the two together.
  • I first had to expand upon the logic of the quiz. I had to create lives and a timer.
  • Then I started to link the questions to the already designed question cards.
  • This of course resulted in some display issues and glitches that were fixed after some trial and error.
  • With all question cards working, I then linked the correct and wrong cards, along with the game over cards.
  • I then tweaked the score to be linked to how quickly you answer the question. I also made the timer get shorter the more points you got.
  • The last thing I need to do is to randomize the order of the questions, and then repeat for multiple categories.

Built with

  • 375 lines of HTML
  • 725 lines of Sass
  • 365 lines of JavaScript
  • 72 lines of jQuery
  • Prototyping done with Adobe Xd
  • Styling done with Materialize
  • & lots of Google Searches


  • Sometimes the quiz will start loading from the category screen after reset.
  • If you exit the game before finishing and try to start again, the timer will be buggy.


  • Randomize the order of the answers
  • Create the quizzes for the other categories
  • Create mix all deck option
  • Add timer animation
  • Clean up and restructure my code
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