A RequireJS plugin for loading and compiling (with r.js) JavaScript files containing JSX.
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A RequireJS plugin for JavaScript files containing JSX. It's r.js friendly (i.e. all files containing JSX will be pre-compiled during the r.js build).

This is helpful when using React with RequireJS.


Download the plugin jsx and the modified JSXTransformer.

Place this in the directory that is your baseUrl for your project, or set up a paths config for it for the module ID jsx. This plugin depends on the RequireJS text plugin to avoid reimplementation of loading logic, so it should be installed as well.


First, you need to configure RequireJS to use Facebook's JSXTransformer and React:

      // ...

      paths: {
        "react": "react-with-addons",
        "JSXTransformer": "JSXTransformer"

      // ...

Then, you can reference JSX files via the jsx! plugin syntax. For example, to load the Timer.jsx file that is in a components directory:

    require(['jsx!components/Timer'], function (Timer) {


The Plugin is then going to load the JavaScript source file components/Timer.jsx, parse it with Facebook's JSXTransformer and execute the resulting JavaScript source.

Configuration options

To load files containing JSX code with a specific extension (components/Timer.jsx) add the following parameter to the RequireJS config object:

      // ...

      jsx: {
        fileExtension: '.jsx'

      // ...

The .jsx extension is used by default. r.js will get confused and fail to compile your JSX code if you use .js.

You can use the ES6 features supported by JSXTransformer by using the harmony option:

    jsx: {
      harmony: true

You can pass the stripTypes flag along for Flow type annotations:

    jsx: {
      stripTypes: true


If you are using r.js to optimize your application for production, add text, jsx and JSXTransformer to the stubModules array field of the build.js.

    stubModules: ['jsx', 'text', 'JSXTransformer'],

    modules: [
        name: "main"

After successful optimization, all the jsx! files will be precompiled (converted from JSX to JS) and will be added/optimized into the build file.

HACK to fix an issue with the preprocessing of JSXTransformer

r.js strips out all occurrences of the 'use strict' string literal causing script errors in resulting files. A simple solution to this is replacing occurrences of 'use strict' by an expression like 'use ' + 'strict'.

You don't have to do it if you use the JSXTransformer.js provided here.