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Node Qwerly

node-qwerly is an asynchronous node.js API for the Qwerly service. It's written in Coffeescript but the JS is included so no need for the Coffeescript compiler to use it.


Qwerly = qwerly.V1();
q = new Qwerly(process.env.QWERLY_API_KEY);"philjackson", function(err, res) {
  return console.log(res);


Where $callback takes two functions. The first for an error and the second for the resulting data structure which Qwerly gives us.

If there's an error then $err will contain an object which looks like this:

status: HTTP status code
reason: x-mashery-error-code header value
body:   body (as a string)

Service lookups $id, $callback ) $id, $callback ) $id, $callback )

User lookups

    qwerly.users().viaTwitter( $id, $callback )
    qwerly.users().viaQwerly( $id, $callback )
    qwerly.users().viaFacebook( $id, $callback )


An asynchronous 202 polling interface for delayed lookups.