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A list of talks I've given and their slides
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Bilue DevTalks 2015.pdf
Cocoaheads Sydney July 2014.pdf
Cocoaheads Sydney July 2016.pdf
Cocoaheads Sydney May 2016.pdf
Cocoaheds Melbourne November 2016.pdf
DevWorld August 2015.pdf
DevWorld August 2016.pdf
NSMeetup August 2017.pdf
Prolific Interactive 2017.pdf


A list of talks I've given and their slides

Date Title Event Location
9 August 2017 Real World Usage Patterns NSMeetup San Francisco, CA
7 August 2017 Behavioural Driven Development Prolific Interactive San Francisco, CA
10 November 2016 Giving Better Talks Cocoaheads Melbourne Melbourne, VIC
15 September 2016 Giving Better Talks Cocoaheads Sydney Melbourne, VIC
02 November 2016 Great Apps Take Time Product Of Syd Sydney, NSW
29 August 2016 Great Apps Take Time DevWorld 2016 Melbourne, VIC
3 July 2016 Insights into WatchKit Cocoaheads Sydney Sydney, NSW
16 May 2016 Software Semantics Cocoaheads Sydney Sydney, NSW
31 September 2015 Intimate Interactions on Apple Watch DevWorld 2015 Melbourne, VIC
2 June 2015 App Distribution with xcrun and WatchKit Bilue DevTalks Sydney, NSW
16 July 2014 Learning Swift or Objective C Cocoaheads Sydney Sydney, NSW
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