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Kaggle challenge to predict earthquakes based on seismic data
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Predicting earthquakes

This is my implementation of the LANL Earthquake-Prediction challenge The goal of this project is to predict upcoming earthquakes based on a stream of seismic activity. The training data consists of a ~10GB large csv file which contains a seismic_activity and a time_to_failure column, which represents how many seconds are left before the next earthquake:

seismic_activity (V) time_to_failure (s)
12 1.4690999832
6 1.4690999821
8 1.469099981
5 1.4690999799
8 1.4690999788
8 1.4690999777
9 1.4690999766
7 1.4690999755
-5 1.4690999744
... ...

The goal of the challenge is to find the "best" correlation between a range of seismic activities and the time remaining before the next earthquake, so that we can predict the time_to_failure column given only the seismic_activity column.

In the training data, we can observe an earthquake every time the time_to_failure values jumps from zero up to a higher value, giving us 16 earthquakes in total:

Seismic activity

To download the training/test data, please check out the link mentioned above.

Read more about this challenge on my blog.

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