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Raygun is a service for automatically reporting, tracking and alerting you to errors in your applications. Discover and resolve errors faster than ever before and keep your users happy.

This library is for use with a application, it's based on the offical library from Mindscape, with the key different that it uses the NancyContext rather than HttpContext.Current, meaning more information can be included specific to a Nancy application. It also wires up the error handling for you just by including the project into your application, by implementing IApplicationStartup for you.

Installing Nancy.Raygun

Using Nuget, install the Nancy.Raygun package.

PM> Install-Package Nancy.Raygun

Configuring Raygun (RaygunSettings)

In your web.config add the section

  <section name="RaygunSettings" type="Nancy.Raygun.RaygunSettings, Nancy.Raygun" />

And the setting for your API Key

<RaygunSettings apikey="* your api key goes here *" />

Configuring Raygun (appSettings)

If you're hosting on Azure/AppHabor then you may want to use appSettings instead so you can add the key via the portal/administration area.

To do this, add a the key nr.apiKey to your appSettings, with the value being your API Key.

  <add key="nr.apiKey" value="* your api key goes here *" />

That's it, now you can enjoy watching all your errors get Zapped by Raygun. Don't let Robby down, he wants your errors!