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ALSO SEE: for a more up to date example

Membership service

This is an example application that demonstrate how to add GraphQL to your existing JAX-RS Application.

Watch a short screencast here

This application use these libraries:

Simple CRUD Application that can create, update, delete and get a membership. Every membership has a owner. The application use JPA to persist the Object in a DB. "Business Logic" is in the Membership Service (EJB) and the JAX-RS API in MembershipRestApi.

Added annotations and MembershipGraphQLApi to expose API as GraphQL.

Getting started

From source

Get the source:

git clone
cd membership

This demo runs on Thorntail Build and start:

mvn clean install -Pthorntail

The server is now up and running with some test data populated (see resources/META-INF/load.sql)

Available endpoints:


Run some examples:

In the GraphiQL GUI try out some of the examples


You can also deploy and run this in OpenShift. First log into the OpenShift enviroment:

oc login

If you do not already have a project, create one:

oc new-project demo --description="Some demo applications" --display-name="Demo"

Then run

mvn clean fabric8:deploy -Popenshift
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