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Microprofile demo

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If anyone is looking for a talk to give at your local meetups or conferences you are welcome to use all or parts of this demo and presentation. You can make it your own or use it as is. You are also welcome to improve the talk and demo and contribute back. (reference)

Known presentations


The demo runs on





This demo use microprofile-extentions extensively.

High level use case


Getting started.


To make the example easier we use an internal H2 Database and internal Elasticsearch server, so no need to install any datastore.

You can, however, use MySQL if you prefer:

MySQL / Maria (Optional)

You need a MySQL/Maria Database installed and running on your PC.

So something like this:

sudo pacman -S mariadb
sudo systemctl start mariadb.service

You need to create a Database and Database User in Maria:

mysql -u root -p < membership/init.sql

You also need to change the datasource definition in web.xml and change the driver in pom.xml

Prometheus and Grafana (Optional)

To see the metrics in action (i.e. more than just the raw output) you will need a Prometheus and Grafana server.

So something like this:

packer -S prometheus
sudo pacman -Ss grafana
sudo systemctl start prometheus.service
sudo systemctl start grafana.service

Also make sure prometheus is configured in


(look at prometheus.yml as an example. You can also use the grafana.json for the grafana dashboards)

Source code

The then demo code on your PC:

git clone
cd microprofile-demo
mvn clean install



Build and start Membership service

cd membership/
mvn clean install -Prun

Build and start Profiling service

cd profiling/
mvn clean install -Prun

Build and start User service

cd user/
mvn clean install -Prun

Docker compose

Alternatively you can use docker and docker compose to run the whole project in a single command:

mvn clean install
docker-compose up --build

Static Web Demo page

There is a static HTML Demo page, you can go to any of

You can generate a token in the User Service to be used in the other services.

You can find some test users in the OpenLiberty configuration - server.xml