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This is the first release of pqiv 2.0


This is a complete GTK 3.0 rewrite, backwards compatible to GTK 2.0. It
uses Cairo for drawing and is therefore much faster. Other features
include preloading of images for faster image switching. Furthermore, I
make much better use of GTK's event system, resulting in improved

The rewrite has been tested for over three months now and is considered stable.
It runs smoothly in Mutter, Muffin, i3, xfwm and Mingw32.

This rewrite is not entirely backwards compatible, some of the command line
switches and configuration switches are gone. Therefore the major
version jump.

Changes in pqiv 2.0

  • Fixed mingw32 builds
  • Double check for correct window size after startuo in window mode (As a compromise: Might cause flickering but assures that the window ends up with the correct size)
  • Improved handling of the loading of big images