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iwebd - Instant web daemons

The idea of this project is to provide people with network daemons for development
purposes and ad-hoc use. If you need an httpd, simply run
 iwebd -h <port>
and you'll have one.

All code in this directory is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3
Available at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html
If you don't agree to those terms and/or can't obtain a copy of the license you
may not use or redistribute this program.

iwebd's features include

 * FTP
   * Mostly RFC compliant
   * Only `ls -l' style LISTings
   * Binary mode only
 * httpd
   * Authentication (Basic/Digest)
   * webdav (with write access)
   * SSL
   * http/2 over TLS if the SSL module supports ALPN
   * CGI
   * Range'd requests
   * Fancy directory listings with icons if you have pyGTK
   * Download directories as archive files
   * Upload files
   * Transparent compression (gzip)
   * Transparent live-reload integration (my own live-reload alternative, actually)
 * Avahi announcement of both in the local network
 * Multi-threaded

Superseded, but available in the repository's history are:

 * ihttpd  (select() based httpd with all of the above, minus webdav, plus mod_rewrite support)
 * iftpd   (as above)
 * cihttpd (a C implementation of the instant httpd, but has never had much testing)