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This is an implementation of a livereload server.

After working with this for a while I noticed that this is horribly
overengineered. WebSockets are, because they were crafted to work in academic
situations (e.g. support for fragmented messages) and with non-compliant
proxies (e.g. proxies that do not close a connection if there's random bytes
ranging from \x00 to \x0F before a request and that don't close it either if
they do not understand a request). Livereload is, because it uses WebSockets
instead of server-side events (granted, they don't work with IE and as long as
you're using a framework on the server side, it doesn't really matter. Still,
WebSockets solve a much more complicated problem than required here) and
because it tries to do some magic to find which resources are on a page when
window.performance.getEntries() already has a complete list. Finally, it tries
to reload only the changed resources, but location.reload() really works just
fine within a LAN -- if it doesn't, that's a bug in the website anyway because
hitting F5 is something that users do and it shouldn't reset a user to some
other view.

I've found that its much easier to go with the alternative:

setTimeout(function() {
    var evt = new EventSource("/.live-reload/feed");
    evt.onmessage = function(msg) {
        for(var url of performance.getEntries()) {
            var rpath = url.name.match(/^https?:\/\/[^\/]+(\/[^\?]*)(\?.*)?$/);
            if(rpath) {
                if(rpath[1] == msg.data) {
}, 500);

on the client side, on the server side just set the Content-Type to text/event-source
and send

data: <filename relative to root with leading slash>\n\n

whenever a file changes. iwebd (one directory up, iwebd subdir) implements this and
injects the necessary JS transparently into all served HTML files on request.