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PImage img;
byte imgBytes[];
int i=0; //the byte value from 0-255
int j=199; // set the start position, byte
void setup(){
img = loadImage("PG_Gradient.JPG"); //loads the image for viewing
imgBytes= loadBytes("PG_Gradient.JPG"); //loads the raw image data into an array
size(img.width, img.height); //sets the screen size to the same as img
void draw(){
// changes the value of byte j to i
imgBytes[j] = byte(i);
i++; //in crements i
//resets j when end of image data is reached
if ( j == imgBytes.length) {
if ( i == 256 ) { // increments j and resets i after 256 steps
//saves the raw data array to output.JPG for viewing
saveBytes("output.JPG", imgBytes);
//load output.JPG for viewing
img = loadImage("output.JPG");
// Draw the image to the screen at coordinate (0,0)
image(img, 0, 0);
//saves frame as an image
//indicates progress where j is file byte number and i is the value it is being replaced with
println(j +" " + i);