Abstract Interpreter for Dalvik bytecode
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Dalvik Abstract Interpreters

This is a work in progress abstract interpreter for the Dalvik Bytecode.

This repository is a snapshot from our private codebase, and will probably see minimal updates.

Interpreter Descriptions


  • k-CFA style abstract interpreter adapted from concrete CESK machine. Explores approximation of a program's state space.


  • partially implemented cesk machine that should be able to run Dalvik implementations fibonacci or factorial.

How to Run

Enter an Android app directory:

$ cd example_code/LambdaInterpreterApp

Notice already built Android app and the intermediary dex file:

$ ls bin/*.apk

$ ls bin/*.dex

Run the following to dedex .dex file, transform dedexed files into sexpressions readable by Racket, and copy stubbed out Java libraries:

$ sh ../../bin/project2sexpr

Change the hard coded "app-directory" and "starting-function" in interpreters/abstract-interpreter.rkt and run in DrRacket. Uncomment last line of abstract-interpreter.rkt to create a graphviz dot file for graph creation.


This code is part of a collaborative research project conducted at the University of Utah's U-Combinator Lab. While much of this work is my own, all credit must go to the U-Combinator Lab.