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Biochar decision support tools created in RShiney

This repository contains source code for a set of decision support tools to be used for selecting a biochar type and application rate.

The tool set includes:

  1. Biochar Property Explorer This tool allows users to compare the biochars in our database by graphing their physiochemical properties. We compiled laboratory- and commercially-produced biochars from PNW-relevant feedstocks and measured physiochemical properties related to fertilizer value, liming value, carbon sequestration, and particle size, following IBI-recommended protocols. These data are in the file BiocharData_PNWComputed.csv. Users can also enter test data for their own biochar to view its classification following the protocol developed by Camps Arbestain et al (2015). This component of the tool is also available from the IBI

  2. Biochar Selection Tool This tool guides users to assess their soil needs, select the most appropriate type of biochar, and establish an appropriate amendment rate. This tool requires two data files, BiocharData_PNWComputed.csv and CropFertilizerGuide_Aug_26_2017.txt

  3. Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool This tool guides users through a cost-benefit analysis to assess whether biochar could be a good investment.


Biochar decision support tools created in RShiney



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