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Ruby library for working with the City of Austin Data Portal. This library is derived from Windy which is a library for interacting with Chicago's Socrata powered data portal.


$ gem install dillo



Views are the most basic buidling blocks of Socrata, these are what you see when you use the website. To get a list of views:

all_views = Dillo.views

This returns an array of views.


To get the data inside of a view use the following:

unclaimed_property = Dillo.views.find_by_id("h3i4-5e5v")

To get an individual record:

record = unclaimed_property[0]

The individual column names now became properties that can be accessed like:

record.first  # first is the name of the column

To search rows by column name you can use the "find_by_columnname" method:

just_first_names = unclaimed_property.find_all_by_first("insert a value")

##Future Plans

  • Full RDoc documentation
  • Rake tasks for running tests and misc.
  • More tests
  • Example applications


Please use the issue tracker here on github.


Any contributions are welcome, there are not any specific requirements or standards being used at the moment.


CC0 This is released under the [Creative Commons 0]( license.


Ruby library for working with the City of Austin Data Portal (






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