Materials for Mandelkern and Phillips 'Sticky situations'
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This repository contains the supporting materials for the manuscript: Matthew Mandelkern and Jonathan Phillips, (to appear) Sticky situations: Force and quantifier domains. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 28.

The analysis script (written in R) is titled "analysisScript.R" and reads in the data (in .csv format) from the data folder. The mansucript, figures, and associated latex code are also available.

A simple markdown file with all of the original stimuli used to conduct the studies can be found in the materials folder along with the .docx version of the complete studies (along with the .qsf files used by Qualtrics for conducting the study).

A .pdf of the preprint and long with the .tex code for compiling it can be found in the Manuscript folder.

The bibtex entry for the paper is as follows

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