Sunflower Full-System Hardware Emulator and Physical System Simulator for Sensor-Driven Systems.
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Sunflower Simulator Architecture

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Read the manual (sunflowersim-manual-and-cover.pdf) if you can. Building the simulator depends on gawk, so install it. Building the gcc cross-compilers depends on gcc (you will likely run into issues trying to build the cross-compiler using clang), libmpc, mpfr, and gmp, so make sure you have them installed or the cross-compiler build will fail.

Step 2

Edit conf/setup.conf and set $SUNFLOWERROOT, $HOST, TOOLCC, and TOOLCXX appropriately. You will need to set your $OSTYPE environment variable in your shell if it is not already set. Examples include darwin for MacOSX, and the eponymous OpenBSD, linux, and solaris. You will also need to set MACHTYPE. A common correct value (depends on your host platform) is i386.

Step 3

cd to sim/ and type make. The build should work automatically on MacOS, Linux, and Solaris. This builds the console version of the simulator.

Step 4

  • Add $SUNFLOWERROOT/tools/bin to your path (substitute $SUNFLOWERROOT as appropriate)

  • To build the cross-compiler, first populate tools/source with the appropriate distributions. There is a script in tools/source which will automate this for you by downloading the files using wget, and then uncompressing. You can also manually download the above into tools/source. You can delete or overwrite the existing empty stub directories.

  • Due to some bugs in the binutils documentation texinfo files, which are caught by newer versions of makeinfo, you must make sure that your version of makeinfo is older than 5.0 (or you can temporarily make makeinfo unexecutable so that the build skips generating the man pages). Next, type 'make cross' (see NOTE below!) from the root of the installation (the directory containing this README file). That will start the process of configuring the aforementioned distributions to build the cross-compiler suite for the simulator.

  • On Mac OS 10.5 and later, make cross CFLAGS=-Os will prevent the build of the cross-compiler from generating .dylib debugging symbol files, which currently causes many problems with autoconf related tools.

  • If the cross compiler build fails due, e.g., to difference in behavior between the perl or makeinfo expected by the GCC build versus what is on your system, you might be able to recover by going into tools/source/gcc-4.2.4/objdir, running make install, then going to tools/ and completing the cross compilation by running make gcc-post; make newlib

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