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angular-socket-event-handler event handler factory

This angular module is usefull for integrating angular.js with With it one can construct socket based services and integrate them into controllers.

The module assumes that your socketio methods will emit messages in the form of:


Example of usage

First create a service for your namespace, then use the service in your controller:

angular.module('articleServices', ['socketEventHandler']).factory('ArticleService', function ($socketEventHandler) {
        var socketEventHandler = new $socketEventHandler({host:'http://localhost:3000/'});
        function ArticleService(eventHandler) {
            var self = this
            self.getArticles = function (params) {
                eventHandler._trigger('article_stream', {event:'get_articles', data:{params:params}});
            self._bind = eventHandler._bind
            self._unbind = eventHandler._unbind
function ViewerCtrl($scope, $routeParams, ArticleService) {
  $scope.articles = []
  $scope.getArticles = ArticleService.getArticles