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Philly CocoaHeads Speaker Agreement

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the Philly CocoaHeads! Without presenters our events would not exist. We are grateful for your interest in sharing your knowledge and experiences with our members.


To help set expectations (for both sides) we've documented the following guidelines. If after reading them you have any question please let us know.

  1. Be prepared. Different meeting venues have different setups so be prepared with any dongles or adapters you may need.
  2. Practice. While we highly encourage people whom are new to speaking and presenting to do talks, we also want to make sure the talks are worthy of the members attention. Please be sure to build and practice your talk well in advance of the presentation day. If you'd like feedback consider recording your practice session and sending it to the leadership for feedback. Let the organizer know how much time you need/want.
  3. Questions. Please state at the beginning of your talk if you want to accept questions during your talk or if you'd prefer if the audience hold their questions until the end. We will do our best to make sure you have a few minutes for questions at the end but if you decide to accept questions during the presentation it is your responsibility to manage how that effects your presentation time.
  4. Understand our Video / Audio capture rules. For our main meetings we now attempt to capture the projected video as well as the audio of our main presenters and publish the talks to the web.
    1. If you for any reason wish not to be captured or otherwise do not want to give us the rights to publish your presentation, let us know in advance. While we enjoy publishing talks we do realize sometimes people want to present things that are not 100% public just yet.
    2. Do not refer to the Walnut Store Briefing Room venue or Apple's support of CocoaHeads during the presentation or in your slides.

There is no need to sign this agreement. By moving forward with your presentation you acknowledge your consent with the above guidelines.

Please email the leadership if you have any feedback or questions. Thanks again for participating!