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Smoking Chef!

Smoking Chef is a set of Chef recipes to build a gem-testers smoker. You too, can warm the earth gradually providing QA results for people!


Pretty sparse right now, and the project isn't finished yet, but here goes:

  • Until this message disappears, use my fork of spatula which will work on Ubuntu 11

  • bootstrap a new machine (VirtualBox will not work, use hardware or VMWare).

    • Use Ubuntu 11.04

    • Make note of the user account name you created. It will be user below.

    • Ensure the 'openssh server' role is selected when prompted.

    • this machine should preferably have 4G or more of ram, at least 2 cores and VT-x or alike.

  • run the '' script, preferably on ruby 1.9.2 or better.

  • spatula prepare user@host –upload-key –keyfile=$HOME/.ssh/

  • spatula cook user@host bootstrap

  • Go play a video game or something

When you're done, you should have one VM installed, in /storage/machines/ubuntu.

Be aware this pulls a base box off my limited bandwidth host, so be kind.


It is strongly recommended that you fork and customize this project to fit your personal environment.

  • bootstrap.json has user accounts you should edit, and VMs you can edit.

  • smoker.json is the node configuration for VMs, and has user accounts you can edit.

More coming later.