Fail when trying to use lates jshint.js source #20

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When I try true use latest jshint stable ( ) using this code:


I get following error

org.mozilla.javascript.EvaluatorException: missing name after . operator (/com/philmander/jshint/jshint.js#4052)

Thanks. I noticed this recently too.

Will see if i can figure it out soon...


Btw. I was wondering if 'm trying to include correct file - your source of jshint ( e.g. jshint-r06.js ) in src/test/integration/jshint has about 160kB and then one in jshint/tree/master/src/stable (the one I was trying to include) has about 106kB. Is your file some kind of concatenated full version of jshint?


Actually, the version bundled is r12 (/src/main/resources/com/philmander/jshint) which is 170k

The r06 is just for testing the alternative version option.

The current stable release of jshint looks like its seen some significant restructuring.


v1+ of JSHint requires Rhino 1.7R4

@philmander philmander added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 31, 2013
@philmander Updating project to use JSHINT 1.1.0 (#20)
Upgraded Rhino to1.7R4. Also added env.js to js evaluation to better simulate browser globals that jshint may require.
@philmander philmander closed this Mar 31, 2013

Hey, thanks for the update. It doesn't work for me, but probably I'm not including correct jshint source file - I'm getting now:

C:\wamp\www\prophecy\build.xml:303: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: ReferenceError: "require" is not defined. (/com/philmander/jshint/jshint.js#34)

I'm using this file:
Maybe I should use another one?


This is a development version, not a final build

You should use the released browser bundle available from

Although the latest ant task is bundled with this version by default, so you shouldn't need a custom jshint source anyway.


I had to finally oppurtunity to test it. It works great with JSHint Browser Bundle. Thanks!

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