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Run QUnit with JUnit style assertions.

Q2JUnit adds a suite of assertion methods to the global scope which, under the hood, use the core QUnit assertion methods. It does not modify QUnit in any way.


Include the q2junit javascript after including qunit:

<script src=""></script>
<script src="../js/q2junit.js"></script>

Use like regular Qunit assertions:

test("A test", function() {


assertEquals([message], expected, actual) Same as equal.

assertNotEquals([message], expected, actual) Same as notEqual.

assertArrayEquals([message], expected, actual) Same as deepEqual.

assertArrayNotEquals([message], expected, actual) Same as notDeepEqual.

assertSame([message], expected, actual) Same as strictEqual.

assertNotSame([message], expected, actual) Same as notStrictEqual.

assertTrue([message], actual) Asserts actual is a truthy value.

assertFalse([message], expected, actual) Asserts actual is a falsy value.

assertTypeOf([message], expected, actual)

assertInstanceOf([message], expected, actual)

assertNotInstanceOf([message], expected, actual)

assertNumber([message], actual) Asserts actual is typeof number or an instance of Number.

assertString([message], actual) Asserts actual is typeof string or an instance of String.

assertBoolean([message], actual) Asserts actual is typeof boolean or an instance of Boolean.

assertFunction([message], actual)

assertObject([message], actual)

assertArray([message], actual)

assertNull([message], actual)

assertNotNull([message], actual)

assertUndefined([message], actual)

assertNotUndefined([message], actual)

assertNaN([message], actual)

assertNotNaN([message], actual)

fail([message]) Forces an assertion to fail.