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A bookmarklet to get the current height and width of the viewport
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WindowSize v0.1

A bookmarklet to get the current height and width of the viewport.

Copy the following to a bookmark in order to use it.

javascript:(function(){var d=window.document,el=d.createElement('div'),getWH=function(){var w=window,d=document,e=d.documentElement,g=d.getElementsByTagName('body')[0],x=w.innerWidth||e.clientWidth||g.clientWidth,y=w.innerHeight||e.clientHeight||g.clientHeight;return[x,y];},wh=getWH();el.setAttribute('style','position:fixed; top:0; left:0; background:#fff; opacity:0.9; font-size:18px; z-index:1000; padding:10px;');el.innerHTML=('width: '+wh[0]+'px, height: '+wh[1]+'px');d.body.appendChild(el);window.addEventListener('resize',function(){var wh=getWH();el.innerHTML=('width: '+wh[0]+'px, height: '+wh[1]+'px');});})();


I was creating a responsive layout and needed to keep a track of the page width so that I could create a media query breakpoint. Seeing the current width and height of the page seemed like it would be of use.


This is quite new, so I haven't really tested it around a bunch of browsers. It works fine on my development browsers, currently Firefox 13 and Chrome 21. It might work for you!


Thank you to Andy Langton and this blog post with some good cross browser methods of finding the viewport size.


0.1 - Initial release

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