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... you'll see

Running the server

First, bundle the server gems:

cd server
bundle install --binstubs --path vendor/bundle

We require you use Pow as your webserver due to hard-coded links in the client app. From the server directory:

powder install # if Pow is not already installed
powder link
powder open # opens in the browser

Running the client

You will need developer credentials applied to your Spotify account. To do so, login with you Spotify details here:

Once you have a developer account, you will then need a development build of Spotify. We are currently using Spotify version

After all that, you are ready to launch the app.

First, copy the client directory to ~/Spotify/collabify

mkdir ~/Spotify
cp -r client ~/Spotify/collabify

Then open the app in Spotify. To do this, search for spotify:app:colabify


  • Write a bootstrap script for all of the above
  • Prevent duplicate playlists being made
  • Sort out polling the server from the client
  • Figure out if we are making the best use of Redis
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