A starter kit for React applications with a back end server all in the same project
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React application with Express server

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Then an Express server was added in the server directory. The server is proxied via the proxy key in package.json.

Using this project

Clone the project, change into the directory and install the dependencies.

git clone https://github.com/philnash/react-express-starter.git
cd react-express-starter
npm install

Create a .env file for environment variables in your server.

You can start the server on its own with the command:

npm run server

Run the React application on its own with the command:

npm start

Run both applications together with the command:

npm run dev

The React application will run on port 3000 and the server port 3001.

React Twilio starter

The twilio branch is a similar setup but also provides endpoints with basic Access Tokens for Twilio Programmable Chat and Twilio Programmable Video. You can use the project as a base for building React chat or video applications.