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A prototype of soft contract verification for an untyped functional language
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This is the scaled up version of SCV, intended to be (eventually) usable for real Racket programs.

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Install Z3 and set $Z3_LIB:

Install Z3, then set $Z3_LIB to the directory containing:

  • libz3.dll if you're on Windows
  • if you're on Linux
  • libz3.dylib if you're on Mac

Install soft-contract

Clone the repository:

git clone


cd soft-contract/soft-contract
raco pkg install

I will register this package on Racket Packages eventually.


Use raco scv to run the analysis on one example at test/programs/safe/octy/ex-14.rkt:

raco scv test/programs/safe/octy/ex-14.rkt

If the program is big and you want to print out something that looks like progress, use -p:

raco scv -p test/programs/safe/games/snake.rkt

To verify multiple files that depend on one another, pass them all as arguments. If you forget to include any file that's part of the dependency, it'll error out asking you to include the right one.

raco scv -p test/programs/safe/multiple/*.rkt

Generating benchmark results

To generate benchmark results for (sub-)test-suites, use test/gen-table.rkt. The outputs are in a form that can be conveniently copied to a latex document as a table.

For example, to run the occurence benchmarks, execute:

racket test/gen-table.rkt test/programs/safe/octy
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