Scrollable grids, lists, and divs in ASP.NET MVC
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MVC Infinite Scroll Grid

Here is a demonstration of a way to add infinite scrolling to a grid, table, or any other HTML element in an ASP.NET MVC project.

###Demo - Try Out Infinite Scrolling###

Use this by:

  • copying the code here from GitHub
  • clone the repo for yourself
  • add it to your project via NuGet

How Does This Work?

  • On the first hit to the page/URL, you grab all the data that could/would be displayed in this table. It doesn't even have to be a table with rows and columns. It could be any HTML that logically repeats.
  • This data is saved to session.
  • The first n entries are rendered to the view.
  • When the user scrolls to the bottom of the page in their browser, the page sends an AJAX request back to a controller method for another batch.
  • The controller takes the current 'page' number, and gets the next n entries from session.
  • A partial view is rendered and returned back as HTML back to the browser
  • The browser appends the rendered HTML to the page.

Tweak You Might Want

  • Use Cache[] instead of Session[]. If your data doesn't need to differ between users, you can use Cache["Customers"] with System.Web.Caching. This is useful if you want to keep your memory profile on the server low, the amount and type of data you're scrolling through, etc.

Pull Requests

I welcome your pull requests. Please submit your PR in a branch named for the feature/fix that you're introducing (i.e. not master).


Phil Campbell and other contributors. Contact me by creating a new issue on the repo, or by Twitter


MIT License