An extension to Titanium.Network.HTTPClient that provide content cache management
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CacheManager is a script for Appcelerator Titanium Mobile. It is an extension to Titanium.Network.HTTPClient that allows you to cache remote resources. Another advantage is retrieving the cached resource when the network connection is unavailable.

This is a fork of @dhayab's original.

Changes from the original

  • Repo no longer includes a sample app
  • Now written in coffeescript, a compiled javascript version is also provided
  • Adds support for BasicAuth
  • Network errors fire events instead of logging
  • onload fires 'ajaxLoadError' event if response.status is less than 200, greater than 300 (unless 304)
  • onerror fires 'ajaxNetworkError' event and includes the response status and responseText, in addition to the raw error
  • Add support for configurable network timeout
  • Add support for for an optional error callback


Include Cache.js to your document


To use CacheManager just call this function

  • Cache.get(); # needs a parameters dictionary with the following values
  • url: The URL for the request
  • callback: The function to be called upon a successful response
  • error (optional): The function to be called upon an error. If not set, ajaxLoadError and ajaxNetworkError events are fired.
  • data (optional): The data to send in the request. Can either be null, dictionary or string
  • method (optional): The HTTP method. Defaults to GET
  • ttl: The time to live in seconds. Defaults to 60 seconds.
  • cookie: Can be a boolean or a string containing the cookie value. Defaults to true
  • auth: Hash of username and password. Password will be properly encoded.
  • timeout: The time in seconds to wait before giving up. Defaults to 30 seconds.


      url: '',
      data: { author: 'appcelerator', alt: 'json', orderby: 'published' },
      ttl: 300,
      timeout: 10,
        username:  joeuser
        password:  awesomepassword
      callback: function ( result ) {
        // Some stuff..
      error: function (error) {
        // Some other stuff...