Arduino powered weather station with 3D-Printed enclosure
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Arduino powered weather station with 3D-Printed enclosure. Arduino reads temperatures and humidity and sends it over http to a php-script which simply saves the values into a .json file. A seperate webview displays the data with a graph.

My measurements:


  • Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield
  • DS18F20 sensor for indoor temp
  • Adafruit HTU21D-F for outdoor temp and humidity


  • Server: The php script which gets the data from the arduino and saves it into json
    • you need to set a secretKey here which is used for "authentication"
    • because arduino can't do SSL, the request is unencrypted, so if someone sniffes your key in your local network he could send false temperatures
  • arduino: The arduino firmware which reads temps and sends them via http to the server
    • the http-request also needs the secretKey
  • WebView: small web page to show a graph and current temps

Enclosure Printed in ABS and coated with epoxy resign to make it more durable outside.