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WikiCore Build Status

WikiCore is a modest, small and fast Wiki featuring MarkDown editing. Unlike regular Wikis pages are organized with tags instead of categories. Although there is a Login-System, there is no account-management neither user information bound to pages. The Intended purpose is private use.

In the default settings its possible to create only one account. Please see the wiki for more information.

Latest Stable release: v1.2 WikiCoreScreenshot


Deploy on a Linux Server

  1. Install .NET Core Runtime
  2. Download latest WikiCore-Version from the Releases-page
  3. Unpack, cd into the directory and run: dotnet WikiCore.dll

It will run on http://localhost:5000. Configure your webserver (e.g. apache) as reverse proxy. There is also a guide from Microsoft: Publish to a Linux Production Environment.

Run local for Development

Install .NET Core CLI for your OS. Pull the repository, restore the packages, generate Database (SQLite) with EntityFramework and run.

dotnet restore 
dotnet ef database update 
dotnet run


Publish (builds a clean version) and build Container

dotnet publish
sudo docker build -t wikicore .


To run the tests simply run

dotnet test


If you find any Bugs please open a Ticket or send me a Mail