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gavii generates a static website for collections of things based on images. Example:

Creating a new website

Create a new site with "gavii new SiteName". gavii will create a new folder named SiteName with the following strucutre inside:

For layout of the website:

  • Layout //Where the html layout lays
    • _Layout.html //Base Layout
    • _Gallery.html //Used to generate the gallery on the index page
    • _Page.html //Layout for pages
    • _Post.html //Layout for posts
    • style.css //css file

For website content

  • pages //For each page one html file
  • posts //for each post one folder
    • post.html //settings and text of the post go here

Adding a page

Copy a existing page and change its content and name. Currently pages are not automatically added to the navigation. Just add a link to the page on a desired location in Layout/_Layout.html. Links to pages will be /$Name.

Adding a Post

Copy paste the "-EmptyPost"-Folder, rename it to a new name. Edit the post.html.

Adding Images

To add images to a post just drop them into the post folder. The gallery image will be the first one sorted by name.

General things

  • Post folders with a starting "-" will be ignored
  • Posts are sorted by date, newest first
  • GPS and Tags are not yet working

Generating the website

Just call gavii in a website directory (the one which was created with the "new" command). Output will be generated and put into "Output"



Download the release for windows (or build it yourself in a self contained release build). Put the files in a sensible folder (eg. C:\Program Files\gavii). Add the folder to your path.


Unpack, place somewhere sensible and add to your ~/.bashrc with "export PATH=$PATH:</path/to/gavii>"

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