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Checks certificates in Microsoft Active Directory
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DirectoryCertChecker is a .NET console application that searches Active Directory for X.509 certificates; it writes a report in CSV format detailing information about each certificate found. The report includes the following columns: Entry DN, Certificate DN, Serial Number, Expiry Date, Expiry Status, and Days Till Expiry. At the end of the run, DirectoryCertChecker can optionally email the CSV report to one or more recipients.


The main configuration settings for DirectoryCertChecker are held in the file DirectoryCertChecker.exe.config, which is in the same folder as DirectoryCertChecker.exe. This is an xml file that allows a number of settings to be configured as listed below.

  • server: The server hosting the directory to be searched.

  • searchBaseDNs: A list of the DNs to search below

  • warningPeriodInDays: The number of days before expiration that the expiry status should be changed to EXPIRING

  • username and password: The LDAP username and password for binding to the LDAP server

  • email recipients: you can email the report out if you wish

  • email configuration: SMTP server, port etc

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