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FPDB: Now on mac.

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What is FPDB?

FPDB (Free Poker Database) is a free/open source suite of steadily growing tools to track and analyse your online poker game. It is written to help you collect statistics on yourself and opponents and provide useful ways to review those stats both live (ie while playing) or in post analysis.

FPDB is able to import the hand histories that poker sites write to your computer and to store additional data from each hand in a database for use in later analysis.

We are ambitious. We intending to support all games on all sites - well.

  • Graphs: Profit, Showdown/non-Showdown, EV graphs + Export to file
  • Session Viewer: Candlestick representation of your cash game sessions.
  • Hand Viewer: List hands from a session and analyse/filter the hands to look more closely at your recent results.
  • Filters: Most of the review pages support multiple filters such as player, game type, limits, date range and other filters specific to the current view.
  • Hand Replayer: A way to play hands and watch the action unfold with stack sizes etc.
  • HUD: Colourised Heads Up Display to show up to the second stats and trends on all your opponents.

Sources of Support

Please also see the “Bug reports” section below to enable us to help you.

These are listed in order of usefulness – the 2+2 thread in particular is rather chaotic so if we miss your post feel free to bring it up again

  1. 2+2 Forums: The monster 2+2 forum thread (registration required). Please don't let the size of the thread phase you. It is monitored and sends email notifications to some of the developers. (Note: If you play poker and don’t frequent the 2+2 forums, you may want to become better acquainted. Its a bit daunting at first, but well worth the effort)

  2. Mailing List: Visit to subscribe to the development & support mailing list and send us an email

  3. Chat/IRC: One of the developers is usually around, but it is IRC. Dont get discouraged because if we don’t answer within 20 minutes, once we do you’ve probably got our full attention. This link takes you to a website where you can talk to us directly without having to install an IRC client: Alternatively use can use any IRC client to connect to #fpdb on

When you do report issues, try to make it easier for us help you. We usually need at least the following information:

  • FPDB version
  • Operating system and version (e.g. Linux Mint 12 or Windows 7 64bit)
  • Database type (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL)
  • Install method (exe, tarball, deb, git, ebuild)
  • Site name and gametype (e.g. $10 Pokerstars Razz SnG)
  • Translation: What language is FPDB and the Poker Client is being displayed in. If the language is not English, can you please reproduce the issue while using the English translation first.
  • Errors from the log files. There is now a copy to clipboard function to assist this. We are usually looking for lines containing WARNING and ERROR.

Most of these details are available for easy copy & paste in the Help menu under About or in Help->Log Messages (Use copy to clipboard)

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