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This file contains all of FPDB's configuration information.

On Mac

You can always edit it thusly:

open -e ~/.fpdb/HUD_config.xml.

This will open Apple's TextEdit application. Unfortunately TextEdit is too clever for its own good and must be beaten into submission. Hit the Edit menu => Substitutions, and turn off Smart Quotes before editing anything.

On Windows

The config file should be %appdata%\fpdb\HUD_config.xml. You can edit it with notepad.

General notes

If you make a mess of the config file, you can always delete or move it and FPDB will create a new one for you.

Let's step through the default config in sections.


<general version="83" config_wrap_len="-1" day_start="5" ui_language="system" config_difficulty="expert"/>


Database version. FPDB checks this so it can warn you if your database needs to be rebuilt. Do not change.


If this is a positive number, FPDB will wrap config file lines when it saves the config.


Time that logical day starts, e.g. 5 means that any play between 00:00 and 04:59:59 counts as being on the previous day.


Tells FPDB what language to use. Valid values include:

  • system - Use the default system language
  • ca - Catalan
  • de - German
  • es - Spanish
  • en - English
  • fr - French
  • hu - Hungarian
  • it - Italian
  • ja - Japanese
  • lt - Lithuanian
  • nl - Dutch
  • pl - Polish
  • pt - Portuguese
  • ro - Romanian
  • ru - Russian
  • zh - Chinese

Non-English translations may be causing instability in the Qt port. Use with caution.


    <import callFpdbHud = "True" interval = "5"  fastStoreHudCache="False" saveActions="True" cacheSessions="False" sessionTimeout="30" publicDB="False"></import>

Don't mess with this unless you know what you're doing.


Specifies which stats should be shown in the ring player stats view.


Mostly documented in the default config.


The text to use in the HUD anchor for each table.

card_ht, card_wd, deck_type, card_back

Card graphics options. Don't mess with these unless you know what you're doing.


Pretty obvious. Each site tag specifies the options for a poker site. Most of this can be set from the GUI using Configure -> Site Settings.

hud_menu_xshift, hud_menu_yshift

Pixel offsets for the FPDBmenu HUD table anchor.

fav_seat, max

If you choose a favourite seat in your poker client, you'll need to specify it here for each table size so the HUD knows where to place player stats.


Specifies which HUD elements to show for which game types. If you don't like mucked cards display, remove the mucked option from your games here.


  • tour - This option applies to tournament hands
  • ring - This option applies to cash game hands
  • all - This option applies to all hands of this game


References a HUD stat setup from later in the file.


Already documented in the default config.

bgcolor, fgcolor, opacity, font, font_size

Customise HUD color, opacity and font.


Specify location of stat blocks and mucked card display in the HUD. Rather than edit these, it is usually easier to drag things around on your HUD and then right-click the FPDBmenu anchor, and save HUD layout.


This is used on some poker sites with "interesting" hand history formats to map between the seat the hand history says and the seat they're actually in. If you need to edit these, we probably messed up.


Here is where you can customise the stats shown in the HUD. Let's examine the default hold'em layout:

    <ss cols="3" name="holdem_default" rows="3" xpad="1" ypad="0">
        <stat _rowcol="(1,1)" _stat_name="vpip" click="" popup="default" stat_hicolor="#F05000" stat_hith="40" stat_locolor="#408000" stat_loth="25" tip=""/>
        <stat _rowcol="(1,2)" _stat_name="pfr" click="" popup="default" stat_hicolor="#F05000" stat_hith="35" stat_locolor="#408000" stat_loth="20" tip=""/>
        <stat _rowcol="(1,3)" _stat_name="three_B" click="" popup="default" stat_hicolor="#F05000" stat_hith="13" stat_locolor="#408000" stat_loth="4" tip=""/>
        <stat _rowcol="(2,1)" _stat_name="n" click="" popup="default" tip=""/>
        <stat _rowcol="(2,2)" _stat_name="playershort" click="" hudcolor="#98FFB0" hudprefix="" hudsuffix="" popup="default" tip=""/>
        <stat _rowcol="(2,3)" _stat_name="cb1" click="" popup="default" tip=""/>
        <stat _rowcol="(3,1)" _stat_name="wtsd" click="" popup="default" tip=""/>
        <stat _rowcol="(3,2)" _stat_name="steal" click="" popup="default" tip=""/>
        <stat _rowcol="(3,3)" _stat_name="totalprofit" click="" popup="default" stat_hicolor="#408000" stat_hith="0" stat_locolor="#F05000" stat_loth="0" tip=""/>


The name for this layout. This is the name referenced by the stat_set attribute under supported_games earlier.

rows, cols

The number of rows and columns to display in the stat blocks.


The row and column to display this stat in.


The name of the stat. This references internal python functions for stat generation. Here is a comprehensive list of available stats.


This is an extra HUD window that will pop up when you right-click this stat. Popups are defined later in the config file.


Override the default hud colour for this stat.

stat_loth, stat_locolor

If the stat is below stat_loth, it will be colored according to stat_locolor.

stat_hith, stat_hicolor

If the stat is above stat_hith, it will be color coded according to stat_hicolor.

hudprefix, hudsuffix

Add some extra text before or after the stat to remind you what it is.

click, tip

These don't do anything.


Here we define the popups that can be shown by right-clicking stats.


There are 3 classes of popup:

  • Submenu - a menu-style popup with stats and possibly deeper levels of submenus
  • Multicol - a grid of stats
  • default - a simple list of stats


Define a name for this popup, as referenced by the popup attribute of a stat in the stat_sets.


Define which hand history converter to use for which site. This should all be set up for you.

raw_hands, raw_tourneys



    <!-- <database db_server="mysql" db_user="fpdbuser" db_pass="YOUR MYSQL PASSWORD" db_name="fpdb" db_ip="localhost"></database> -->
         <database db_ip="localhost" db_name="fpdb.db3" db_pass="fpdb" db_server="sqlite" db_user="fpdb" default="True"/>
    <!-- <database db_server="postgresql" db_user="fpdb" db_pass="YOUR POSTGRES PASSWORD" db_name="fpdb" db_ip="localhost" ></database> -->

If you want to use a MySQL or Postgres database, you would uncomment the corresponding line and fill in the details appropriately, then comment out the sqlite line. (<!-- this is an xml comment -->)

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