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pull-requests package for Atom gh-board

View/Edit comments on a Pull Request directly inside the Atom Editor.


Annoyed when someone litters your elegant code with "comments", and "suggestions"? and then you have to sift through all the files in your text editor to find the right place? Fear no more!


GitHub restricts talking to their API. You can view public repositories without having to authenticate against GitHub but will be limited to 60 requests per hour.

If you want to look at private repositories or are requesting more than 60 times per hour, you can create a token at and set that in the plugin config.

  • Just leave all the scopes checkboxes unchecked to give this plugin the minimal permissions necessary.


  • work with private or enterprise repositories (see package settings)
  • show comment counts in tree view and in file tab
  • render all MarkDown in the comments
    • render emojis
  • support forked Pull Requests
  • do local diff of all commits since the one pushed to GitHub
    • let user know that they have unpushed commits
  • support comments made to the entire Pull Request (not just lines in the code)

Atom API Suggestions

  • expose a tree-view file decorator that can add classes asynchronously
  • expose a tabs filename decorator so open tabs can have the # of comments in the file

atom-community/linter suggestions

  • provide icons in gutter markers


For private repositories you need to create a token @ github:

  1. Go to and create a new token
  2. Open your config.cson
  3. Add this snippet (replacing 'my-git-token' with the token you created
    githubAuthorizationToken: "my-git-token"


:octocat: View/Edit comments on a Pull Request directly inside the Atom Editor




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