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Here are some textbooks created by openstax.org that have been converted into GitHub repositories so you can derive your own copy (aka Fork), suggest edits (aka Pull Request), or errata reporting in the text (aka Issues) using tools GitHub provides.

The Books

The "canonical" version of the books are in openstax.org and these repositories are mirrors of those versions. These books are licensed CC-BY (or CC-BY-SA) so you can customize them for your course!

Each book repository contains a link at the top to view the book in a book reader.

What do I need to know?

If you want to customize the books you will need to:

  • create a GitHub account
  • learn how to Fork a Repository (it's easy!)
  • learn about Markdown, a wiki format (similar to what wikipedia uses)

If you want to view your custom book you will need to:

  • do the steps above
  • go to http://${YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME}.github.io/${THE_REPOSITORY_NAME}

If you want to suggest edits (like typos or broken images) you will need to:

  • learn about Pull Requests

If you want to let other people edit your version of the book you will need to:

  • learn about GitHub permissions

Generating the Books

Note: You can probably ignore this part

This repository also contains the code to update the GitHub repositories when Openstax updates the books

  1. ./script/bootstrap (Tested with OSX. Requires homebrew)
  2. ./script/start
    • or ./script/start anatomy-book to generate just one of the books in _config.yml