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<!-- <link rel="stylesheet/css-polyfills" href="./browser-example.css"/> -->
<style type="text/x-css-polyfills">
.move-me {
move-to: bucket;
content: 'This should now be below the "Bucket" heading signifying the Polyfill code ran successfully';
.pending-bucket { content: pending(bucket); }
<p>This file shows how easy it is to include the CSS Polyfills code on your website.</p>
<p>To use it make sure the file is built by running <code>npm install</code> and <code>grunt</code> and then check the source of this page</p>
<div class="move-me">This is a bucket that should be moved. If you are reading this then you should build dist.js (see the README)</div>
<div class="pending-bucket"></div>
<script src="../dist/css-polyfills.js"></script>
<script src="../extras/browser.js"></script>