Python Example that parses HTML (with sourcemaps) and outputs converted HTML (with sourcemaps)
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  1. run npm install to get the source-map pretty-printer
  2. run ./test which generates out.html and
  3. run $(npm bin)/sourcemap-lookup out.html:${LINE}:${COLUMN} to specify the line/column in the output file and see the line/column in the input file


  • load an input sourcemap file and rewire to use it when generating the output
    • This would allow showing the CNXML source file (since sourcemaps support multiple source files)
  • pythonify the ported code


The "console-GUI" tool that showcases that the sourcemaps are working takes an output file and output line/column information and shows the line/column in the source file. Since this code does not really manipulate the DOM much it is not terribly interesting but here goes:

$ sourcemap-lookup out.html:1:0

Original Position:
    input.html, Line 1:0

Code Section:
1>| <html>
2 |   <body>
3 |     <!-- Here is a comment that is only in the input file (dunno why) -->
4 |     <div id="id123"></div>
5 |   </body>
6 | </html>
$ sourcemap-lookup out.html:4:6

Original Position:
    input.html, Line 4:4

Code Section:
1 | <html>
2 |   <body>
3 |     <!-- Here is a comment that is only in the input file (dunno why) -->
4>|     <div id="id123"></div>
5 |   </body>
6 | </html>
7 |