Use the CIT200 VoIP phone for skype also on LINUX (Python)
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This project aims to help linux users to (re-)use their CIT200 (Linksys (C)) VoIP phone on other platforms than Windows (e.g. LINUX!!!)


  • should have all functionalities that the Cit200.exe of Linksys had (except VoiceMail at the moment)



  • Python (version?,please test and give confirmation)
  • Python library Skype4Py
  • Python library pyusb


  • Linksys (C) CIT200 Phone including base connected via USB

Installation and First Steps

  • Clone this repository:
    git clone
  • Install dependencies:
    sudo pip install skype4py sudo pip install pyusb

    Note: in some cases it might be better to use the package manager of
    your system to install those libraries

  • Run it:
    cd cit200xSkype sudo python

    Note: if you get a ValueError: execv() arg 2 must not be empty you
    should indeed try the skype4py version of your distribution OR
    if you are experienced enough and want to patch files yourself replace
    the os.execlp('skype') with os.execlp('skype','--') calls in
    [python folder (e.g /usr/local/lib/python2.7)]/dist-packages/Skype4Py/ api/ and ../

    Note2: if sudo python exits very quickly after starting
    it, you may need to apply the following patch to skype4py:

    *** /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Skype4Py/api/
    --- /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Skype4Py/api/
    *************** class SkypeAPI(SkypeAPIBase):
    *** 87,88 ****
    --- 87,98 ----
    def run(self):
    + # Bug fix 'segmentation fault core dumped' when using dbus.
    +'thread started')
    + if self.run_main_loop:
    + context = self.mainloop.get_context()
    + while True:
    + context.iteration(False)
    + time.sleep(0.2)
    +'thread finished')
    + def runOld(self):'thread started')


  • Simplify code (write function for message generation instead of using hard-coded message length,headers etc, that's easy,but needed?YES)
  • VoiceMail implementation (sorry I don't use that service,please DONATE if you really want it,see
  • Intensive testing
  • GUI (if you really want/need it,why not?)
  • and,and,and

Credits and Contributors

Credits go to:

Did I miss somebody? Please help me to complete the list if you think I missed somebody here!


This project is lincensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3.