Sharpfin: update, patch, modify the firmware of your internet radio
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This project aims to revive the Sharpfin project (now hosted at

Please help me to revive this great project. We need to adapt the code to new firmwares and test it.
Did you also like this project and didn't believe that this project quit so immediately? Then you may be interested in helping me to improve and extend this code.

This is for developers only. No warranty!

Thx for all contributors
Happy Hacking!

** WIKI ** Sharpfin Wiki


  • Web frontend
  • Web-server
  • FTP-server
  • Firmware upload
  • Firmware patching
  • Some Custom Apps




  • it should work on most reciva (internet) radios

Installation and First Steps


  • Add more features to the web-frontend
  • Adapt to new firmwares
  • Improve the security of the webserver (e.g. user-management or at least password-management)
  • and,and,and (add your suggestions here, but please help also to implement them)

Credits and Contributors

Credits go to the main developers of the former Sharpfin project, among others:

  • Steve Clarke
  • Ico Doornekamp

(Note: there are many, many developers that are involved in some libraries and other tools used by Sharpfin, they can be found in the according header/source files, if I missed somebody there please notify me)


This project is lincensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3.
If you find some code/headers within this repository NOT compatible w/ this license, please let me know immediately. I didn't write all of this code, but had a deep look at all libraries and source files contained.