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Hi Phil, as discussed, here is the sum total of the changes for BCB5 (and the free 5.5 compiler).

My first pull request, so here goes...

Above all: please note the breaking change in

include/internal/catch_commandline.hpp L 64

this breaks VS 2010 at very least, but otherwise BCB5 is broken, as best I can determine.

I presume omit this line if you do want to accept the patch, but I've left it in for our reference.

The remaining controversy is from BCB getting caught out in resolving mapConsoleColour

include/internal/catch_console_colour_impl.hpp L 57

Finally, there's a working BCB project with a command line build available via a Borland make compatible makefile.

Kind regards, Patrick


This change is not compatible with VS Express 2010, but is required by BCB5: leave it out, or is there another approach?


the single include version was built using the python script, so we've seen this issue before


Thanks Patrick. I'll need to go through this carefully, especially as there is at least one known breaking change.
I probably won't get a chance for a couple of days, so please bear with me.
And thanks again for doing this.


Thanks Phil, I'm happy to contribute if I can.
I've added some actual instructions and fixed a problem allowing the free command line compiler instructions to work out of the box.
However, there's no rush, and placating the BCB 5 compiler may present some challenges.

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