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Adi Shavitt - What I Talk About When I Talk About XPlat Dev.pdf
Anastasia Kazakova - Debug C++ w-o Running C++ on Sea.pdf
Andreas Fertig - Fast and Small.pdf
Arne Mertz - Learning And Teaching Modern C++ - CppOnSea.pdf
Arvid Gerstmann - Building a Reflection System - Cpp On Sea.pdf
Barney Dellar - Strong Types in C++.pdf
Björn Fahller - Contracts.pdf
Clare Macrae - Quickly Testing Legacy Code.pdf
Frances Buontempo - How To Diffuse Your Way Out Of A Paper Bag.pptx
Guy Davidson - Standardising a linear algebra library.pdf
Hana Dusíková - Compile Time Regular Expressions.pdf
Jason Turner - Practical Performance Practices Revisited.pdf
Kate Gregory - Oh The Humanity.pptx
Kevlin Henney - The Forgotten Art of Structured Programming.pdf
Patricia Aas - Deconstructing Privilege.pdf
Simon Brand - How to Write Well-Behaved Value Wrappers - CppOnSea 2019.pdf
Timur Doumler - Initialisation In Modern C++ - cpponsea2019.pdf
Tony Wasserka - Teaching Old Compilers New Tricks.pdf
Victor Ciura - Better Tools in Your Clang
Viktor Kirilov - The Hitchhiker's Guide to FASTER
Vittorio Romeo - Higher Order Functions And Function Ref.pdf

Slides for 2019

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